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​​​The start of 2018 saw Performance Engineering announce the arrival of our brand new V-tech VT-2 B1 two Wheel Drive Dyno; the first Dyno Rolling Road to be Cardiff based in South Wales.

V-tech dynos are regarded as one of the best in the industry. Our model is the upgraded VT-2 B1 dyno which is the braked version (eddy current) needed for high powered vehicles which we see on a regular basis.

Capable of 1000bhp and speed of 300kmh +.  Can be measured in inertia and braked mode with accuracy of 0.1 and 1% respectively;  so immensely accurate with brilliant repeatability. We can test inertia, braked or constant RPM modes for precision tuning and also simulate road test for diagnostics.

September 2018

​​Great news - BMW Bosch MG1 ECU found in the B58 engines is now unlocked.  BMW B58 40i's such as the M140i & M240i is now tunable.

We can now read and write to the ECU via the OBD port so no ECU removal is required.   We already have a few B58 owners lined up ready for testing.

We will be developing Stage 1 & 2 software with before and after figures on our dyno plus putting performance and handling packages together for B58 owners.